Affected Singapore Brides and Grooms Started Vendors Blacklist/Whitelist

With the Ministry of Health issuing a latest news releases asking for events such as wedding banquets to be kept at a maximum of 10 participants, many newlyweds-to-be are suddenly caught in the situation whereby they are unable to proceed with their ceremonies anymore.

This also means that many will have to cancel on their vendors including venue providers, photographers/videographers, make-up artists, bridal studios providing gown and suit, bridal vehicle rental, assorted decoration service providers, and much much more!

Naturally, allowing so many cancellations at one go will also mean a massive loss of income for these vendors, as such, some still insist on making couples forfeit their deposit.

Unhappy couples have taken to various social media platforms such as Telegram group chats to voice their displeasure, with some even creating a Google spreadsheet for others to input their vendors under a blacklist or a whitelist. Subsequently, vendors are also allowed to voice their opinion to defend themselves.

If you are interested in providing inputs or just viewing the Google spreadsheet, here are the links. However, do note that the opinions and views in the spreadsheet are from experience of clients who have engaged and interacted with these vendors themselves, and are in no way associated with the views/opinions of the website Links below for your convenience:

To give your feedback on vendors:

To view consolidated spreadsheet about vendors:

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