Event Planning: Some Points to Consider When Selecting Venue

The essential requirement for an event is the place where you are organizing the event. The venue is not only important, but it also takes a large chunk of your event budget.

For deciding upon a venue, the following criteria and tips might be crucial for the event:

TYPE: What type of event are you planning? Is it an educational event, social event, or spectator event.

Type of venue changes for every kind of event. For educational and spectator activities, you would need a separate space for the instructor and enough space for attendees to sit or practice. For a social event, you would need enough room for people to roam around.

If the event includes any other extra service, you would need extra space to facilitate those services. For example, if you are going to provide food, you need a kitchen area, serving area, and dining area.

ATTENDANCE: How many people would be attending the event? The possible number of people in your events would ultimately affect the size of the venue that you’ll book.

If the people attending are from a specific part of the city, it would be beneficial to book a venue in the same area. You must also consider the socio-economic background of your audience while booking the site. It will help you gather more viewers, and it will be convenient for them too.

FACILITIES: What are the facilities being provided by the venue? What facilities do you require for your event? You may need many requirements in your sites like in-house staff, lighting, sound equipment, and particular furniture like podiums & tables.

It would be best if you watched out for the extra charges that they put up in providing other facilities. Furniture like chairs costs on per furniture basis. It helps to have a precise estimate of what you’re paying.

RATES: How much does the venue cost, and what is your budget? Sometimes the venue owner may be a corporation or organization. No matter how organized the owner is, there is always a scope for negotiation when it comes to rates. If the availability is plenty, there are high chances that you would be landing a great deal.

Remember, negotiate on the prices only when you think the venue is suitable for your event in all respect. If you settle and not complete that deal, your reputation will be at stake.

SANITATION: Are there proper toilets available inside the venue? It is necessary to make sure that there are washroom facilities available, and that they are in good condition. If not, it leaves a terrible impression on your customers.

PARKING: Is there a parking facility available for all the attendees? Nowadays, finding a parking spot is a headache in the city area. If your attendees get frustrated when they enter your venue, it would immensely affect their event experience negatively.

DILIGENCE: You need to be diligent about booking the venue. Please don’t trust the word or photos by the venue owner, because it can be deceptive. It would help if you visited all the shortlisted venues by yourself.

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