Martin Goh

An impressive magician named Martin Goh. Wedding emcee Singapore Martin Goh provides close-up magic, birthday party magician service for any events & magic show. He has been practicing magic for more than 10 years. He specializes in close-up magic & wedding emcee as he likes to interact with the audience. He derives great joy in learning, practicing and performing magic as birthday party magician. He has come up with many unique routines that can even fool magicians.

Phone: +65 9028 9186
Stefan Ebinger

Singapore Magician Stefan Ebinger is blending, sleight of hand magic, psychology, and audience participation to an engaging and interactive show. He performs impossible illusions right under your nose and as a result, making each performance an intimate experience. You will take a break from reality and your daily grind and besides that laugh and be amazed.

Gentleman Magician Singapore Stefan has been hired by companies like SAP, Toyota, MasterCard to entertain their guests. Therefore, he will ensure to engage with your guests in a tactful manner. Consequently creating an atmosphere of energy and excitement at your corporate events or private parties.

Phone: +65 8188 2717
Ainsley Chong

Singapore Emcee and Close-up Magician Ainsley Chong is your number one entertainment choice to take your event to greater heights. Graduated from The Emcee Academy in Singapore, founded by The Flying Dutchman, he is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your guests and you. Having also had prior event management experience, Ainsley Chong understands the mechanics of being the best emcee Singapore and in turn helps you to deliver an interactive and terrific experience for your event.

Nick Singh

Professional magician and emcee with 14 years of performing experience. Fluent in English and only English (unfortunately). CELTA-qualified English speaker certified by the British Council.

Table-to-table magic and roving magic, perfect for wedding receptions, parties and restaurants. Highlights include performances for the National Kidney Foundation, Swissotel and Prudential.

Phone: +65 8383 0381
Alexander Yuen

Alexander is the choice for the sophisticated audience. Alexander is highly sought after to perform in corporate events and private parties consisting of highly valued guests, ministers and top executives.

Singapore magician, Alexander represents a rare breed of magicians who are highly educated and skilled. With a B.A. (Hons) and a Master’s in Psychology, Alexander combines psychology and magic to craft an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Phone: +65 9745 9753
Ming Da

MforMagic is the luxury brand of magic entertainment in Singapore and home of Singapore’s V.I.P magician Ming Da. Based in Singapore and available for bookings internationally, Ming Da is one of the fastest up and rising stars in Singapore magic and one of the best in Singapore. He has extensive experience performing for corporate & special events, showrooms and television and has entertained guests all over the world.

Phone: +65 8186 0854
Tommy Chiang

Singapore's premium magician Tommy Chiang, better known as Tommillusions, has been performing magic in corporate events and children's parties for more than five years. He has a bag full of special effects so that you see different illusions each time you meet him! He has won numerous trophies, medals and awards that recognises him as Singapore's premium magician. Professional, creative, innovative and client-oriented, Tommillusions always makes sure to adapt his magic effects to the audience, so that everybody can enjoy this mysterious craft.

Phone: +65 9773 6186
Jimmy Ling & Bernard Gan

Wow Magic performed at over 50 weddings a year and is widely acclaimed by many wedding couples for bringing the Wow Factor to their weddings. With more than 5 years in hosting and performing, Wow Magic is your preferred wedding partner in providing professional Singapore wedding emcee and magician and instant print wedding photo booth.

Phone: +65 9695 5738
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