Qualities Required To Be a Master of Ceremonies

If you are looking to employ the use of a Master of Ceremonies (Emcee) for your event; or if you are interested in being an Emcee yourself, you may be curious about what qualities a successful Emcee may have.

The skills of a good Emcee are vast, and often require a very particular type of person in order to perform the job successfully. Not everyone can simply pick up a microphone, and effectively ‘pull-off’ the job. An Emcee needs to have a very particular set of skills, and often requires quite a bit of practice to hone those skills.

Let’s take a closer look at what qualities a great Emcee should have.

The Qualities Of A Good Emcee

Just like with any job that requires you to be in front of the public eye, a good Emcee will have a certain set of qualities that will determine how qualified they are. Here are 5 simple skill sets that every Emcee should have:

An Emcee Should Have Great Public Speaking Skills

The job of an Emcee requires them to be in front of a crowd, and even sometimes on camera, in order to maintain control of events. They should always be comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people.

An Emcee Should Have The Ability to Improvise

No event goes perfectly according to plan. There are almost always too many moving pieces, and people involved for mistakes to be completely avoided. A good Emcee should be able to adapt, and improvise quickly to help smooth over any ‘hiccups’ in the proceedings that may arise.

An Emcee Should Be Energetic, And Humorous

Unless the event is intended to be 100% official and serious, a good Emcee should be able to incorporate a tasteful amount of humor. Part of an Emcee’s job is to entertain, and engage the crowd. Being able to pepper in a healthy amount of humor and energy will go a long way.

An Emcee Should Be Organized

The event proceedings directly flow through the Emcee. The Emcee is, by design, the one in charge of the event remaining on schedule. An Emcee should always know what is up next in the order of events, and work to ensure that everyone is on the same page. A disorganized Emcee leads to a sloppy event.

An Emcee Should Have Expertise

A good Emcee should not simply rely on the agenda assembled by the event coordinator. A good Emcee should actually assist in the assembly of the agenda alongside the event coordinator. A qualified and experienced Emcee will be able to offer insight, and expertise regarding the flow of events and how to put together an engaging and interesting agenda for the event. To some extent, an Emcee should in part be an event coordinator themselves.

An Emcee needs to be a sort of ‘jack of all trades’. They should be able to help organize, manage, and run an event at a very high level. They should have exuberant personalities, and be able to capture the attention of an audience. Being an Emcee is no easy task. However, those who have the right skills, can make any event a night to remember.

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