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Singapore’s events industry is one of the most hit sector of the economy in this COVID-19 pandemic, and with that, we see the eventual disappearance of events of all genre and sizes over the course of a few weeks. It definitely wasn’t an overnight affair as we all know measures targeting the spread of COVID-19 in Singapore got stricter and stricter in a gradual manner. We first saw events being capped at less than 250 participants to being not more than 10 persons at the venue, and now, everyone’s made to stay home unless essential or necessary to go outside.

Many events industry workers are freelancers and that also includes entertainers and emcees. With events no longer happening, event organisers’ business has screeched to a halt, and along with that, our local emcees are also not getting any engagements. Even in the wedding banquet industry, there is simply no more opportunity there during these few months because many couples are also frantically cancelling or postponing their wedding to a later date, in the hopes that situation gets better by then.

Some entertainers and emcees cope with these sudden disruption to their business by taking their work online. It’s not uncommon these days to see livebands performing remotely from their home studio.

However, something caught our attention recently and even though we know the emcee industry is pretty closely knitted, this actually shows that in times of crisis like we are in now, emcees even band together, exercise their collective creativity, and find new ways to have their voices heard while continuing to engage and entertain audiences!

Calling themselves The Wedding Gurus, Emcees Stanley, Vanessa, and Paige have come together to share the “stage” for the first time, in the form of conducting their own live talkshow on Facebook.

Check them out on their Facebook page at

During their very first episode which took place on the 23rd of April, Emcee Van belted out a few tunes during the pre-show to get the programme started. Apparently, due to technical issue, no background music was played which resulted in the viewers being even more impressed with her plain vocals. Emcee Stanley and Emcee Paige joined her after that to kick off the show with all three of them sharing topics related to the present events, entertainer, and wedding industry. Seeing that it was a rare opportunity for them to engage audiences on a more intimate level, they even took the opportunity to share their personal story of how they got involved in the emceeing industry, in the midst, encouraging viewers to pursue their passion and interests, and make a career out of it.

They are currently polling viewers for topics and ideas which they would like the three of them to discuss about and that means we will likely see a continuation of this very soon! It’s a really very pleasant sight to see creative minds coming together to explore new channels like these in such difficult times. Hop on down to their Facebook page to check them out, let them know if you have anything in mind you wish for them to share about, and stay tuned for the next episode of their live stream!

The three Emcees can be found at their respective websites below:

Stanley Soh –

Vanessa Phang –

Paige Tuieng –

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