[2023] Singapore Virtual Emcee Rates for Online Virtual and Hybrid Events

Following our previous article on the need to engage a virtual emcee for your online virtual or hybrid events, our team has gone on to survey several leading Singapore emcees who have gradually become prominent in the virtual and hybrid events industry in Singapore. They have kindly shared with us the range of the rates which they charge for them to host an online virtual event or hybrid event.

As the world moves towards an endemic phase with regards to the coronavirus, the events and M.I.C.E industry has gone through a major overhaul during the times when physical events were largely forbidden or kept to a really low number of participants. Event organisers and emcees who were quick to adapt begun working on online virtual events or even hybrid events where it involves a group of physical participants as well as a larger audience viewing the show at the comfort of their own home.

Not only that, many emcees in Singapore has also pivotal into a laterally associated niche and that is to host livestream product launches such as on platforms like Lazada Live or LazLive and Shopee Live. A quick search online has shown that veteran emcees such as Emcee Stan The Man (Stanley) as well as Emcee Paige has grew a very good reputation as LazLive hosts.

In our earlier article, we have already explained the considerations and workload required on a online virtual events emcee hence these shall not be repeated here.

What we are going to share more here will be the kind of rates and charges involved when engaging an online virtual events emcee in Singapore to host your virtual events or hybrid events. These rates are a range as different emcees charges differently and other factors such as needing to go onsite or ability to work from home also affects the quotes.

Type of Virtual/Hybrid EventPrice (SGD)
Product Launch/Intro Livestream300 – 1000 per hour
Virtual Conferences1000 – 2500
Hybrid Conferences1500 – 3000
Webinars800 – 1500
Virtual Carnivals1000 – 2500
Hybrid Carnivals1500 – 3000
Hybrid Corporate Event1500 – 3500
Virtual ROM388 – 888

The prices listed above are a rough guideline for how much it costs to engage a Singapore online virtual or hybrid events emcee for a 2 to 3 hours show. Virtual or hybrid events usually do not last too long, i.e. don’t expect day-long conferences with multiple breaks in between as audience at home hardly can spare that length of attention.

Another trend that’s becoming increasingly common is also doing pre-recording for Dinner & Dance events. Pre-recording rates will differ. This is because pre-recording could be done either at home or in the studio. While a 1-hour session might cost you between $600 to $800 to engage an emcee, a lot more preparation work needs to be done by the emcee to ensure smooth transition between different segments of a carnival/D&D/conference event. Multiple retakes are also expected and more content is needed so that the event organiser’s technical team have sufficient runtime to stitch these pre-recorded videos together to come up with a seamless final product to be used on the event day itself.

The kind of online virtual and hybrid events are not limited to the above. As the events industry evolve, there will be more and more creative ways to bring people together yet physically apart. Head on down to our registry and give some of the emcees a call or email to start the discussion on engaging them for your very own online virtual events!

If you are also a fellow emcee in the industry and would like to share with us more about your rates or rate card for physical or virtual events, do reach us on our Contact page.

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