Some Event Day Tips To Take Note

On the day of your event, you need to be in your form. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are in good health, and had a good sleep that day. Coffee and hydration at regular intervals can keep you awake and on track for the day. Sticking to your daily routine and food would reduce the chances of you getting sick.

Event manager’s manual: All the information you’ve collected requires filtering the useful information. It will be the information that you keep with yourself at the event. This information will be present in the Event Manager’s manual, along with the following information:

  • Contact information of Vendors, Associates, and key personnel
  • All the original copies of permissions for the event
  • Event script with the allocated time for each activity

Site maintenance: Once the gates open, the public will start to enter the site. You will need to have assigned resources to the ongoing maintenance and review of the site and facilities for the duration of the event.

Following tasks need to be undertaken for better functioning:

  • Toilets – cleaning and maintenance
  • Tents – for the hot weather and rainy seasons
  • Litter bins – regular collection from all the litter bins
  • Site surface – the weather might deteriorate different surface like grass, wooden flooring, cement floor
  • Signs – for crowd management
  • Fences – for safety purposes
  • Incident and accidents – require immediate attention and investigation

Radio Communication: For the larger events, associates would need a medium to coordinate. Multiple teams would need to communicate within the team and with other teams. Radio communication would be an excellent choice for the same.

The events can be stressful. However bad the things maybe, you would be better off if you’re calm. Having an active mind and a well-adjusted attitude would allow you to face everything that comes your way.

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