Successful Event: Time Is Also Of The Essence

For having a successful event, keeping up with the time would be critical. Deciding on an appropriate date, laying a timeline for tasks, and managing it is essential while organizing an event. Let’s explore these topics for your events:

When to run the event?

There are smaller parts to the answer, such as:

  • DAY: Weekends are better suited for leisure activities; meanwhile, weekdays are great for learning.
  • SEASON: Some events are seasonal. For example, Fun Fairs and Workshop for kids are organized in summers because that’s when the vacations are. Monsoon season is not for the open-air events.
  • CLASHES: Look out for other events in your category. If you are having a clash with any of the other similar events, your audience may divide. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your events when there are no clashes.
  • TIME: For choosing the time for the event, again consider the type of event. If it is for work purposes, it must be kept in the day time. If it is for fun, it can be organized when people are not working or studying, mostly after 6 PM on weekdays.
  • TARGET AUDIENCE: Consider the type of people attending your event; this will tell you whether they would be free or willing to come at the time of your event.
  • CHECK your possible dates with the key participants, VIP guests, performers, speakers, and venue owners to get clarity.

Good timing is invisible. Bad timing sticks out a mile.


How to make a timeline?

The timeline consists of a critical path checklist, a list of essential tasks with a schedule. It comes right after the planning of the event. It follows these steps:

  • Spread out a calendar from today till one or two weeks after your event
  • Include all levels: move in; setup; rehearsals; day of the event; tear down; move out
  • Then put in event timing and logistical requirements of your critical path
  • Following tasks must also be included in the timelines:
    • Permits and insurance
    • Event venue, suppliers and vendors coordination
    • Delegation of work to key-staff
    • Branding and advertising
  • A more detailed, thorough and accurate timeline will be incredibly helpful for organizing the event

Time Management: You will always feel a crunch for time as the days come near. If you are well-prepared and strictly follow your timeline, you would not have to worry about anything.

One secret to time management is always giving yourself more time then you think is required for that task. It helps because unforeseen circumstances can block your path many times. A buffer of time would allow you to get over that circumstance within timelines.

Keeping yourself calm would help a lot. Having a visible timeline at all times would make sure you’re not missing out on anything. Successful time management is when you accomplish the work without burning yourself out.

It is not enough to be busy… The question is: what are we busy about?

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