The Difference Between Hiring A Professional Emcee vs. Non-Professional

When organizing an event, it becomes all too easy to try and cut costs wherever you can. Afterall, events can be expensive, and you want to make sure the money is delegated to the right areas.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest areas of impact when it comes to event budget cuts, is the Emcee job. An Emcee (Master of Ceremonies) is a rather important position for any event. However, many people see the job as something that they can simply do themselves, or have a friend/employee do for cheap/ free.

This is a common mistake, and can often lead to a messy and sloppy event overall. Let’s take a look at what the real difference is between hiring a professional Emcee, and using a non-professional to do the job.

Professional vs. Non-Professional Emcee Quality

Being an Emcee is no easy task. The Emcee not only has to entertain the crowd, they also have to ensure the event remains on schedule, as well as help organize the event itself. They must be engaging, funny, charismatic, and disciplined all at the same time.

This is not to say that an untrained individual cannot be these things, but it is going to be less likely. Here is a side-by-side comparison of how a professional Emcee vs. a non-professional can affect your event.

Speaking To Engage

Many people might take public speaking courses at work, or during school. These courses can help give individuals some knowledge of how to carry themselves and fight nerves when giving presentations. However, for the common individual, simply speaking in front of a massive crowd can be incredibly terrifying.

For a professional Emcee, this is their comfort zone. They are at their best when they are engaging with, and leading a crowd of people in the ceremony proceedings. A professional Emcee is far less likely to ‘clam up’ or show nerves on stage.

Organizational Skills

It’s one thing to be an organized person – plenty of people are. It’s another thing entirely to maintain a constant flow of events in an organized and timely manner while simultaneously hosting an event.

For most people, it’s hard enough to get their team at work to all focus on one project. Imagine getting an entire room to focus on what is going on, remain entertained, all while at the same time planning the transition to the next event in the back of your mind.

Being an Emcee is a juggling act that very few unqualified individuals can pull off successfully. A professional Emcee will be able to manage the event schedule, while simultaneously engaging and captivating the guests/audience.

Improvisational Skills

For most individuals, if things don’t go according to plan, it can derail their entire day. How easy is it to ‘wake up on the wrong side of the bed’ and suddenly everything feels off. A piece of burnt toast can set off a chain of events that leads to a horrible day. Imagine what a hiccup in event plans can do to a non-professional Emcee.

For a professional Emcee, they have seen it all. As soon as something doesn’t go according to schedule, they can tactfully transition into something else. In many cases, they can do this without the crowd even noticing. A professional Emcee is trained in the art of improvisation, and can adapt to nearly anything.

Being an Emcee is far more than just providing entertainment. A professional Emcee is trained in the art of event organization and crowd engagement. Hiring a friend or employee who is not experienced in these areas, can lead to a disorganized and boring event rather quickly. So, if you are planning an event and need to employ the use of an Emcee, always consider hiring a professional. Your event guests will definitely notice, and appreciate the difference.

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