Using Technology To Enhance Events

The rate of technology change accelerates with thousands of ideas, apps, and innovations bubbling up to help event managers to do their jobs better. This digital revolution is profoundly changing events.

Here are a few pointers on how technology can assist or enable you to unleash its potential in helping you:

Productivity: You can increase your productivity with the use of technology. Project management tools like ‘Trello’ can get you started with several event planning templates.

Ticketing and Marketing: Managing attendee registration is more seamless than ever! You’ll want to select your platform early to promote registration and send your audience to the registration website.

Mobile Applications: The audience can be connected via mobile applications so that they don’t miss out on anything in the event. ‘Guidebook’ gives the audience access to schedules, builds a custom agenda, and interacts with other attendees. It can tell you how well the events are working.

Live Streaming: Live streaming sessions are a great way to connect and extend your event’s reach. Recording sessions is another way to extend your event’s reach and encourage the conversation to continue far beyond the physical event. ‘Zoom’, ‘Google Meets’, ‘Facebook live’, and ‘Instagram live’ can be explored for this purpose.

Engagement tools: Think about incorporating onsite technologies like a social media wall or digital swag bags and event gamification tools which encourage attendees to get involved in the event. Using specific and unique hashtags is helpful in engaging people over ‘Instagram’ and ‘Twitter’. Think about including a Photo-booth for your audience. It will give them a reason to click pictures and thus create engagement.

Community building: It is important to have a virtual presence of your audience. Technology helps you build that. Find a platform for your audience where they can follow you and your events easily. Such platforms would help you create a community over digital space.

There are several other reasons for which you can use technology. Here are some useful applications:

  • ‘SurveyMonkey’ for surveys and research
  • ‘MeetingMatrix’ for room designing
  • ‘Microsoft Project’ for managing the event project
  • ‘EventMobi’ for coordinating
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